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We understand that the transportation and distribution of agricultural products can present unique challenges for each client. For this reason, we specialize in offering logistics services adapted to the individual needs of each company. Whether you require urgent shipments, refrigerated transport or complete logistics management, we will make sure to find the most efficient and reliable solution for your business. We work closely with a network of reliable transport partners to ensure that your products arrive on time and in perfect condition.


At Intema, quality is one of our fundamental pillars. We implement rigorous quality control at all stages of the supply chain and strictly adhere to food safety standards. We collaborate with accredited laboratories that allow us to carry out exhaustive analyses and tests to guarantee the excellence of our products. Our commitment to quality allows us to offer each client the peace of mind of receiving agricultural products of the highest quality and safety.


Sampling is a crucial part of our quality control process. At Intema, we understand the importance of ensuring the quality and traceability of each batch of agricultural products. For this reason, we carry out rigorous and continuous sampling of all the batches with which we work. Our team of expert professionals take representative samples and subject them to quality controls and exhaustive analyses, ensuring that each batch meets the required standards. This allows us to track and document the quality of our products from their origin to their final delivery.


To provide a comprehensive service, we have storage capacity on demand from our customers. We understand that there may be fluctuations in demand or time to market agricultural products, and this is why we offer flexible storage solutions. We have modern and adequate facilities for the storage of products, guaranteeing their conservation and preserving their quality until their distribution. Our team is in charge of efficiently managing inventories and ensuring a correct rotation of products to maintain their freshness and nutritional value.


At Intema, we are not only dedicated to the marketing of agricultural products, but we are also proud to offer a solid advisory service to our customers and suppliers. We recognize that success in the agricultural sector goes beyond the simple business transaction, which is why our team of experts is trained to provide advice in various areas. Whether you need guidance on marketing strategies, advice on cultivation techniques, optimization of logistics processes or guaranteeing the quality of your products, we are here to help and support you at all stages of your agricultural business. Our commitment is to provide personalized solutions and professional assistance to help you achieve your goals.


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