INTEMA IMPORT-EXPORT, SL, is a company dedicated to:

“Trade and distribution of certified ECOLOGICAL raw materials, of vegetable origin, cereals, oilseeds, oils, fodder and cakes for human and animal food”

For this reason, it is our desire that our company becomes recognized for our certified organic products, which promote commitment to the environment, sustainability, ethical and labour responsibility, as well as creating full confidence in customers for being a responsible, respectful company, with knowledge, and giving maximum importance to the quality and food safety of all our products.

With this concern for improvement, the Management establishes, declares, and assumes the following commitments:

  • Implement, maintain, and improve a food safety and quality management system that constitutes the dynamic element of the company’s management.

  • Give strict compliance to both legal and/or regulatory requirements, as well as any voluntary standard to which it decides to adhere.

  • Promote the spirit of continuous improvement for the entire organization, as the basis of daily work and experience, and search for the most efficient and effective solutions.

  • Comply with all those commitments acquired with our clients.

  • Satisfy the wishes and expectations of customers, to establish the pattern of action of the company, meet their requirements, regulatory and legal aspects of quality and food safety.

  • Market all our ECOLOGICAL certified products, by the competent authority in Catalonia (CCPAE), following its guidelines and regulations, as well as products designated as GMP+, complying with the requirements of the standard.

  • Maintain exhaustive traceability, which allows agility and a guarantee to our customers.

  • Maintain strict control of suppliers to ensure the safety of raw materials, as well as establish a safe, efficient and high-quality service for all.


For this reason, in order to comply with all of the above, Intema as a company sets itself some objectives to meet:

  • Guarantee above all the safety of the supplied products.

  • Promote staff training, in order to improve both knowledge and work methods.

  • Always comply with all legal, regulatory, customer, or other applicable requirements.


Our workers and business partners must comply:

  • Exercising a conduct that promotes and facilitates quality management and food safety, to ensure the quality, legality and safety of our products, assuming responsibility for them before consumers.

  • We must all ensure compliance with the hygiene and food safety standards applicable to our products, processes, and facilities, as well as applicable legal requirements.

  • INTEMABIO will ensure that this policy is publicly available so that any member of this organization, client, supplier, or visitor can indicate improvements to be made or detected deficiencies, which will be analysed and satisfied in the best possible way.


This Food Safety Policy is disseminated, assumed, and put into practice by all levels of the organization through internal dissemination and/or publications.

Faithful to these principles, the Management assumes the responsibility of creating, implementing, and maintaining a food safety and quality management system at all levels of the company.