Wholesale of certified BIO raw materials, for human and animal food: cereals, oilseeds, oils of vegetable origin, cakes, etc. ALL ECOLOGICAL


IntemaBio offers a wide range of completely organic products. Here you can see a small sample of all of them.

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Productos orgánicos - Saco de cereales


  • Barley
    A cereal used primarily in the production of beer and as livestock feed.
  • Malting barley
    Barley that has been specifically processed to produce malt, a key ingredient in brewing beer.
  • Durum wheat
    A type of wheat that is high in gluten and is used primarily for making pasta and semolina.
  • Bread wheat
    Wheat used to produce bread and other bakery products.
  • Soft wheat
    A type of wheat with a lower gluten content, suitable for making cakes, cookies, and other confectionery products.
  • Rye
    A hardy grain used to produce rye bread and whiskey.
  • Triticale
    A hybrid of wheat and rye, grown primarily as livestock fodder.
  • White oats
    A type of oats commonly used in animal feed and in the manufacture of breakfast foods.
  • Blonde oats
    A type of oats that has a more intense flavour and is used mainly in animal feed.
  • Spelt
    An ancient grain of wheat that has gained popularity in recent years due to its nutritional profile.
  • Rice
    A widely consumed grain around the world, used as a staple food in many cultures.
  • Corn
    A versatile cereal used for human and animal nutrition, as well as in the production of biofuels and other industrial products.
  • Mixtures of various cereals
    Combinations of different cereals that are used to create custom blends according to specific needs.

Legumbres - Productos orgánicos


  • Peas
    Edible legumes that are used in various culinary preparations.
  • Sunflower seeds
    Seeds eaten as a snack or used in the preparation of food products.
  • Yeros
    Oilseeds used in oil production and animal feed.
  • Vetch
    Legume used as a forage crop for livestock.
  • Chickpeas
    Legume widely used in Mediterranean cuisine and in some dishes such as hummus.
  • Lentils
    Nutrient-rich legume widely used in soups, stews, and salads.
  • Broad beans
    Legume consumed both fresh and dried, used in traditional dishes of many cultures.
  • Carob
    Legume with a sweet taste and used as a substitute for cocoa in food products.
  • Hemp
    Hemp seed is used for both human and animal nutrition, rich in essential fatty acids.

Imagen Forrajes ecológicos


  • Alfalfa bales
    Fodder plant used to feed cattle, especially in the form of compact bales.
  • Granulated alfalfa (pellets and biscuit)
    Ground and compacted alfalfa in the form of pellets or cookies for use in animal feed.
  • Straw bales of various cereals
    Straw of different cereals compacted in the form of bales for use as fodder or in agricultural applications.

Imagen Tortas ecólogicas


Vegetable cakes or flours are the resulting by-product after grinding oilseeds to obtain oil.

  • Soy
    Ground soybeans, in the form of cakes or flour, are used in animal feed and in the production of human food.
  • Sesame seeds
    Ground sesame seeds are used in cooking to add flavour and texture to various dishes.
  • Sunflower seeds
    Ground sunflower seeds are used in animal feed and in the preparation of food products.
  • Grape seeds
    Ground grape seeds are used as an ingredient in food products and nutritional supplements.
  • Hemp flour
    Flour obtained from hemp seeds, used in food and baked goods.

Aceites vegetales - Productos orgánicos


  • Olive oil (extra-virgin)
    Oil obtained from olives, widely used in cooking, and appreciated for its flavour and healthy properties.
  • Soy oil
    Oil obtained from soybeans, used in cooking, in the food industry, and in the production of biofuels.
  • Sesame oil
    Oil extracted from sesame seeds, used in Asian cooking and in cosmetic products.
  • Sunflower oil
    Oil obtained from sunflower seeds, used in cooking and in the manufacture of food products.
  • Grape seed oil
    Oil obtained from grape seeds, used in cooking and in cosmetic products for its antioxidant content.
  • Hemp oil
    Oil obtained from hemp seeds, used both in cooking and in personal care products for its nutritional profile and beneficial properties for the skin.


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