Our strong point, quality control and food safety.


IntemaBio we are specialized exclusively in certified organic products.
We are certified by the official control agency in Catalonia, which is the CCPAE (Consell Català de Producció Agrària Ecològica), with control authority code ES-ECO-019-CT.

The quality of our products is paramount and very important to us. We take all preventive controls very seriously to guarantee the quality and safety of raw materials and to significantly comply with the food safety systems of all our products.

Productos orgánicos - Saco de cereales
Saco de cereales ecológicos

We also have the GMP+FSA certification, highly valued internationally in the feed sector, a very demanding quality and food safety system, based on complete risk analyses (HACCP), in which food safety is ensured throughout the supply chain.

We base our food safety system mainly on prevention, carrying out regular controls following the established protocols, such as:

  • Supplier control
    It is critical to ensure that food suppliers meet established quality and safety standards. This involves carefully evaluating and selecting suppliers, verifying their certifications, and conducting regular audits to ensure they are upholding proper food safety practices.
  • Control and supervision of product storage
    Proper food storage is essential to prevent contamination and spoilage. This implies establishing adequate temperature, humidity and time conditions for each type of food, as well as maintaining an adequate rotation of the products to avoid expiration.

  • Traceability
    Traceability refers to the ability to trace the movement of a food product throughout the entire supply chain, from its origin to its destination. This involves keeping detailed records to identify suppliers, product batches, and distribution destinations.

  • Risk analysis and prevention
    Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a preventive system that identifies, evaluates, and controls significant hazards for food safety. It consists of identifying the critical control points in the food production process and establishing preventive measures to guarantee safety.

  • Sampling and Complete Analytics
    Sampling and analysis are an integral part of a food safety system. Regular tests and analyses are carried out to detect the presence of contaminants, harmful microorganisms, or other potential health risks in food.

  • Continuous staff training
    It is essential to provide regular education and training to all personnel involved in food handling and production. This ensures that they are aware of the best food safety practices, hygiene protocols and current regulations.

  • Management of nonconformities
    Non-conformity management involves identifying and addressing any deviations or non-compliance with food safety standards. Procedures are established to investigate and correct nonconformities, and corrective measures are implemented to prevent recurrence.
  • Procedures and management of early warnings and withdrawal
    Procedures are established for the management of early warnings and withdrawal of products in case of identifying a food safety problem. This means quickly communicating with health authorities, customers, and consumers to take the necessary action and remove the affected products from the market.

  • Continuous improvement
    Continuous improvement is a key principle in food safety. Regular review of existing processes and procedures is encouraged, as well as implementation of improvements based on feedback, audit results and advances in food safety practices.

  • Control and supervision of the transport of products
    Food transportation is also a critical factor in keeping it safe. Protocols must be established to guarantee that food is transported in adequate conditions of temperature, hygiene, and protection against contamination throughout the distribution process.


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